‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ Bon Jovi’s newest hit

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bonjovi4They say if you live long enough you’ll see everything but nobody expected this…

A video of a sports fan—who looks shockingly like Jim Carrey but by the grace of God ISN’T Matt Bongiovi—doing everything but twerking at a Boston Celtics game back in 2009 to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer has given New Jersey’s finest new life on the Billboard Music Charts.

Indeed, the more things change the more they stay the same; and for certain precious few people can resist rocking out to this mega-rocker from back when Bon Jovi wore spandex and went through case after case of hairspray for their MTV music videos.

bonjovi-431The fan’s name is Jerry Fry and if Bon Jovi Management were smart they would hire him to cage dance during the remaining shows as the band’s Because We Can tour winds down.

Somehow, some way this video surfaced in the past few weeks and has been viewed 11 million times on the ‘Net and shared 1.6 million times on Facebook.

The end result is that Bon Jovi’s first mega-hit has seen an 11% increase in sales and has launched Bon Jovi back into the Billboard Hot 100 for the second time this year (the first being the band’s latest hit single Because We Can).

Not only that, but Billboard reports that the song was streamed nearly 6 million times on the Streaming Songs section of their site.bon-jovi-livin-on-a-prayer-mercury-6

But here’s the part Bon Jovi would really care about:  all this attention hasn’t gotten Livin’ On A Prayer’ onto the Itunes Store Top 200 single or Top 200 video rankings.

So what are you waiting for? 

The song is a timeless great, and the band—yesterday and today—is prettier to watch singing it than the dork spazzing out to in the Boston Gahhhhhden.

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The legend of Bon Jovi’s white mic stand, 2 of 2

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Part 2 of 2.

mic2Like any legendary tale, the mystery that surrounds BonJovi’s white microphone stand grows and morphs over time.

The JoviNation are so acutely aware of every square inch of the band and their equipment and accessories that its’ not surprising that the white mic stand should have a personal life all its own.

In fact, it probably even has its own groupies.

Yet one of the most common explanations as to why Jon Bon Jovi cozies up to that white mic stand is that he uses it like an on-stage Rock-N-Roll GPS.

Fan lore has it that since he moves around so much on stage, he needs a reference point that stands out from the crowd.

mic3Something lighter in color than the average mic stand which might blend into the frenzied front rows when he emerges from the belly of the stage steps during the opening show darkness.

It’s a homing device that helps him get down from his Jovi-A-Gogo on the hydraulic lifts in concert without toppling off the stage into the adoring clutches of rabidly loyal fans cloistered Circle side.

And, it also serves as a white flare for Richie Sambora and Hugh McDonald should JonBon go all samurai with it like he did in the vids for You Give Love A Bad Name and Livin’ On A Prayer

I mean, one whip-saw chop and cycle wheel spin and the band might be looking for a new guitarist, know what I’m sayin’?

Others in JoviNation swear that the white mic stand makes it easier for the roadies to set-up and calibrate Jon’s microphone settings by distinguishing his from the rest of the bands.

This way, if all else fails and the entire performance is loaded with technical glitches, at least it’s less likely to occur at Jon’s expense!

Bon Jovi Performs In MelbourneStill another legend holds that the white mic stand has actually flown first class, up front with Jon and the boys. While they sip drinks and munch petite fours, the white mic kicks back and catches forty winks.

There even has been speculation that Brother Matt has been dispatched to a recently played town to reclaim the forgotten stand, carrying it with him on the plane like Fredo Corelone from The Godfather with Michael’s suitcase full of cash for Mo Green.

Though Matt tried to pull off this journey without fanfare, the secret got out when the mic stand demanded two-for-one whiskey sours and endless peanut packets when Matt was spiriting it back to the loving clutches of Mr. Bon Jovi himself.

It is with much fanfare and suspension of mystery that the truth can now be told to the titillated universe of inquiring minds that make up JoviNation…

mic1“…a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…”

There lived a Wanna-Be-Rock-N-Roll Prince, who toiled away sweeping record studio floors in between his dreamy sessions of stardom, when he would sneak in to a recording cue and let it rock let it roll under the watchful eye of his cousin Tony.

His dream for passion and greatness burned; and he was driven by a tireless mission and a psychic’s sixth sense that were rock-n-roll to be protected from the evil clutches of bands like Abba, the Bay City Rollers and Hanson, this Shaman of the Jersey Shore would have to brandish his white microphone Light Saber and save the world.

“Luke (and Jon), I am your Father”…

And so it was that in 1980 with big hair and an even bigger dream, a little known Jedi Rocker by the earthly name of Jon Bon Jovi produced his first-ever professional recording, R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas on an album produced by cousin Tony Bongiovi called Christmas In The Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album.

From that day forward, the white mic stand has kept up innocent appearances like any loyal Light Saber of a True Jedi Knight.

Oh perhaps it was presumptuous to overlook its’ polished white stance and mistake it for far less than a polished metal hilt capable of emitting an intergalactic rainbow of light; or, hundreds of thousands of decibels of sheer, unadulterated, rock-n-roll power.

While Jon’s favorite black six-string guitar is more musically diverse, the unassuming subtlety of the white mic stand hides it’s intergalactic purpose: it is the signature weapon of an interstellar musical Jedi Knight from Sayreville, and has been known to deflect blaster bolts and can even be used to tame rogue press agents and renegade music producers in a single swipe.

micThat’s right, JoviNation, the truth about Bon Jovi is that if fellow Jersey hero Bruce Springsteen was once the ‘future of rock n roll’, Jon Bon Jovi has been the Savior of Rock N Roll.

After all, could we expect anything less from a Rock-N-Roll Jedi Knight whose real name is….


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The legend of Bon Jovi’s white mic stand, 1 of 2

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Bon Jovi In Concert

It’s been there from the very beginning, and has appeared in almost every musicvideo and concert performance from the small rock clubs in Jersey to the biggest outdoor venues in the world.

And, it even has the high honor and distinction of having Jon Bon Jovi all to itself, so closely intimate that women around the world would trade places with it in a heartbeat…and we’re NOT talking about Matt.

When off to the side on the stage while Richie Sambora steps up to croon and Jon Bon Jovi changes a soaked shirt and shoots a shot of ginseng, it is still and unassuming.

Like any loyal band member, it knows when to stand off to the side in quiet support of the derring-do driving thousands wild on stage.

Patiently it waits for the firm grip of those hands and the gentle touch of those lips those eyes against its’ proud white stillness.mic3

Other times, it is bathed in electric while light or flickers and pumps to searchlight prisms that illuminate its’ milky incandescence.

Of itself, it is lifeless, immobile, and powerless until gripped or embraced in such a way that it seemingly comes to life.

It’s a Rock-n-Roll King’s turgid staff that holds the microphone that delivers Bon Jovi’s voice to millions in JoviNation.

mic1No band member shares the same focal point as the Infamous White Microphone stand; and fans everywhere would make a deal with the Devil himself to possess it’s power and be privy to every secret it would tell if only it could speak.

Mock us others will who do not comprehend that the White Mic is as holy to JoviNation like a member of the band.

After all, it supports that black bullet microphone that Jon Bon Jovi is intimate with on a regular basis.  

At times, it resurrects him, giving him strength when he can’t sing another note; and other times he’s been known to twirl it in an arrogant this-cock-owns-the-bitches-in-the-hen house-strut.

mic7A magicians wand perhaps; or simply some phantasmic prop conducting this rock and roll revival like a Beatles Sargent Pepper on steroids.

And oh how JoviNation loves when the man with mesmerizing blue-eyes and a disheveled lion’s mane holds it aloft—thrusting left, then waving right—driving it home like a shot through the heart dead center into the audience so the audience can scream along with his every word.

Sure it can channel a song and rock a vibe and Lord if it could only talk, the secrets this White Mic stand could tell! The A&R men and the roadies and the groupies and the deals.

From the flights of ego and fancy of musical creative process to the blind frustration and titillation of another gig in another town in too short a time, when singer and mic stand end up on the ground, sweaty and spent only to be hoisted aloft for more by Bon Jovi’s right hand Richie Sambora…the White Mic Stand sees all and knows all.

mic6But it’s been sworn to secrecy like the rest of the band, with secrets that they’ll take to the grave, because like them, it likes the band they’re singing in and just like them its’ broken in.  

It’s not old, this enduring mic stand with the chipped paint on the legs and snout; just older.

Bon Jovi’s White Mic stand even has its’ own history; countless back-stories and tall tales and rumor and innuendo as to why it is white. So many in fact that the odds of winning a lottery are better than cornering the truth.

Be sure to come back and read Part 2

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Bon Jovi, “I just can’t quit ya”

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So here’s the thing…

Back when I started writing about Bon Jovi in 2009, it was for the love of the music, the incredibly talented members of the band, and the positive impact their music has had on my life.

Over the years, I’ve had periods where I’ve had to walk away; where I’ve thrown my hands up in frustration or boredom or I’ve just been sick and tired of the fan drama and the side-taking and the Kool Aid swilling.

Recently, I did walk away. I got tired of all the hullabaloo about Jon and Richie and all the shadow-boxing that has been going on since the Tall Dark Duke walked from the band; and like him, I bailed.

There’s just one small problem with that.

Bon Jovi has never quit me, never quit us the fans…and to take a much-used quote from the Jake Gyllenhall-Heath Ledger movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’, “I just can’t quit ya Bon Jovi”.

Once upon a time not so long ago, I wrote positive articles about the band and endured the criticism from other fans who said all I ever did was write one-sided, biased, positive stuff!

You know what?  There is enough ugly in this world so this little piece of musical paradise is going to go back to why I started writing about them in the first place:  for the love and appreciation I have as a fan for the relentless musicianship of Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres.

For the love of Bon Jovi.

Blame it on the love of rock and roll, but there will be no bad juju in this space going forward.

Now all I have to do is find a way to get back the 700 people I dropped on Facebook and the countless hundred other readers I had on Twitter.

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Hate to break it to ya: Bon Jovi is a BUSINESS

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If you’re already suffering withdrawal because the current Bon Jovi tour is huffing and puffing into the home stretch and you want to vent your anger at someone, then read on because I’m about to give you an outlet.

No, it’s not that I’m lonely and enjoy being a pop-up-clown for fans I make angry. 

It’s about some of the incredible naiveté of some fans who think the entire Bon Jovi organization is in business (for you); puts out records and tours (for you); and is so great about keeping the fan club and the VIP tours going (just for you).


As my dear departed Dad liked to say when people weren’t processing the truth:  “What a crock of HORSEshit!”

In case you think I’m being mean and ill-spirited, I urge you to go back to the band’s 2009 video release of When We Were Beautiful. 

In a scene where Jon Bon is on the phone in his hotel, he is telling a business person on the other end of the phone that he isn’t just the face of the band, he is the Eternal Keeper of the Brand…and we ain’t talkin’ pasta sauce here.

It’s one thing to love the band for their music and their longevity and their looks and their efforts on behalf of social causes.  That’s what people should love bands for!


But when you sit back for a minute and look at what the take on the current tour will be—close to $300 million—it’s easy to forget that Bon Jovi…everything about Bon Jovi, is about money.

Doubt me? 

Think I’m hating on Bon Jovi because I can’t afford a $1,500 Runaway Tour package where I get to jump up and down on a bunk bed with Matt of All Trades Bongiovi? 

Not in the least.  I wouldn’t go if they sent a jet for me and offered me an audience with His Royal Highness Jon.


First off, you can’t even buy the special tour packages unless you join the JBJ Backstage Fan Club.

There’s a Membership Package for all but the homeless, ranging from $54.99 to $159.99.  For all that ching you get some Bon Jovi ‘bling’ and the all important access to ticket pre-sales and tour excursions.

Now some hypothetical math:  Bon Jovi has 23 million followers on Facebook

Safely assuming that only 1% (or 230,000 people) signed up for the minimum $54.99, you have an income stream from online sign-up that generates $12.6 million in pure profit. 


This on a web site that the cost to create and maintain has long since been recouped.

Now let’s talk Runaway Tours VIP Packages:  for the current Toronto show November 1, Backstage members can plunge their brains out from October 31-November 3 for $1,299 per person which includes your hotel, photo op with JBJ, and 2 prime concert seats…along with many other chachkas.

Now assume that just 50 people per show buy into the package. 

That’s a take of $64,950 for ONE show.  Next assume that the band does between 30-50 of these per tour and your take is $1,948,500 to $3,247,500 per tour. 


Oh sure, Head of Personal Security and Runaway Tours Host and Pimp Extraordinaire Matt Bongiovi will toss his heart and dagger pacifier on the floor and scream, “We have COSTS!” 

Why yes, of course you do. 

So like the restaurant business (which hotels are modeled on), assume it costs Bon Jovi 40% of what their take is, and you still get a healthy $1.3 million in pure profit.

I’ve purposely skewed these numbers to the LOW end, and we haven’t even addressed merchandise or record sales, or special fees for performances like $250,000 for a cancelled one-off show to promote a certain New York political figure’s election effort or appearances on television shows.

Don’t get me wrong. 

I’m not hating on Bon Jovi. 

My reasons for loving them have been well documented in over 300 articles writing about them for Examiner.com since 2009. 

What I DO take issue with are fans that put these guys on pedestals under the mistaken notion that everything the band does and says is for them.

Correction:   everything the band does for YOU is for THEM, which might explain why Bon Jovi stays out on the road more than any other band in music. 

There are a ton of lifestyles to support—not the least of which are the band members—and to do that the income stream…the money that comes out of your pocket needs to be ceaseless.

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Bon Jovi fans have their own unique language

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1373481_10202447319528380_329915969_nThe New Jersey rock legends Bon Jovi have staved off music industry irrelevance by continuing to put out good music and tour on a regular basis.

With over thirty years of experience tucked under their belts, an adoring fan base that spans the globe has come up with their very own unique code—a Jovi Lingo—with which to describe various characteristics of the objects of their affection.

For the uninitiated, navigating Jovilinguistics can be a frustrating and daunting task.


Whether you are a first-time or long-time fan, understanding the lingo is essential to appreciating the entire Bon Jovi experience.

Here then without further adieu is the Language of Jovi:

BonJovism: the unique language spoken by fans around the world.

OBWanBonJovi: A take on Star Wars Jedi Knight OB1Kinobe, this refers to Jon Bon Jovi’s prowess wielding his legendary white mic stand.

Rain or shine the blue-eyed bandmaster can be seen pointing it at guitarist Richie Sambora like a light saber, or holding it aloft the women warming the circle like a pirhana pool, like some mythical extension of his munchable unmentionables.


Jovigasm: this term describes the shameless lust that washes over any female fan sitting within the first 15 rows at a concert, or those glued to photos and videos on the Internet, deliriously shivering like a cold Chihuahua or erupting like Mount Saint Helens at the sight of their favorite (band) member.

It’s a condition often evidenced by incoherent babbling, spontaneous shimmying with eyes rolling up in the head, and a wet trail left on the arena floor.

BonJoviPalooza: term that describes the convergence of female fans on a city or town where the band is playing and making a weekend of it.

Often associated with JBJ Backstage Fan Club VIP Travel Excursions it includes heavy drinking, staking out the hotel bar where the band is rumored to be staying, and much crying when the hotel mini-bar is empty and credit cards denied.


Commando: a term that is known to keep women up at night and reduce the global inventory of “AA” batteries, it is slang for when JBJ comes out on stage in skin tight pants that flaunt what his Mama gave him.

And no the song Army Of One is not about Jon’s pecker.

Stinkeye: the dreaded look that Richie or his fellow band-mates fear; usually in response to a musical faux pas like Richie muffing the guitar solo onWanted Dead Or Alive; also directed at interviewers asking questions that are stupid as spit.

HRH: a Twitter nickname that refers to Jon Bon as His Royal Highness , an acronym that refers to his regal countenance, impressive ego and ceaseless authority as Keeper of the Jovi.

The CEO: this is the nickname Richie Sambora fans have annointed Jon Bon Jovi with since he is not only the front-man of a band but also the face of a brand.


Kool Aid Drinker: refers to the kind of Bon Jovi fan who thinks no one in the band can ever do anything wrong and will make you pay for saying anything negative about them on social media or JBJ Backstage discussion boards.

Many are applying to the U.N. for admission as their own country.

BonJoviPottamus: they’re quietly observant but always ready to pounce.

Known to barge the line at the lobby merchandise table selling Bon Jovi knickknacks, memorabilia and t-shirts, their mouths are loud and their elbows painful.

Often charge from beyond the fifteenth row, taking a poor unsuspecting soul’s seat in the VIP section.


BonJoviBaJesus: refers to the whispered or guttural sound emitted by female fans when they see Jon first appear onstage, or see a photo of him sunning his buns in St. Bart’s, as in, “Oh my bejesus!”

Fan Fictionistas: the legion of lady fans who write erotica around characters strongly resembling band members.

Talented and imaginative, their specialty is writing scenarios in which they make band members engage in every tryst from “50 Shades of Gray”.

BonJersey: the re-naming of the state of New Jersey to reflect the true fan’s sense of geography while promoting rock tourism.

JoviHolic: an insidious addiction that is a permanent disease and takes more than a shot and still has no remedy.

Often involves downloading every Bon Jovi pic found in a Google search, and selling all valuables to attend shows across the globe.


JoviTopia: the idyllic fantasyland frozen in time where big hair, spandex and the smell of leather jackets sets the tone for hardcore Jovi Lovers wherein Jon and Richie are amusement park rides, Tico is the conductor of the Little Rock Band that could sky mover and keyboardist David Bryan serenades the strolling masses with his accordion while a trained monkey throws guitar pics at the maddening crowd.

LaFamigliaJovi: the name used to describe all of the wives and children that have seemingly sprung from the rocker’s well-toned loins on Twitter and Facebook.

From Mrs. DulceSambora to JonBonsBiatch all the way to TicosTemptress and Davids Diva it’s all about the family.

JoviNation: the all-encompassing term used to describe Bon Jovi fans worldwide. Once in, you’re a permanent card-carrying member, even IF you get better seats than your best friend. Like the Mafia, you’re in for life.

Bonjoviologist: modern day rock archaeologists specializing in the discovery and documentation of prized Bon Jovi artifacts.

Alone or in packs they seek prized memorabilia from gold records to guitar pics, hair spray cans to tasseled boots and even yellowed white spandex zebra pants.

Bonjovitinis: stadium-sized drinks pounded down by adoring fans in the hotel bar while scoping out the best elevator vantage points and lobby cubbyholes with which to spring out with camera and cleavage.

JoviHo: they number in the millions, are fiercely loyal and are often delirious.


Their passion tends to overpower their sense of reasoning which often results in wanton displays of their most recent Victoria Secret purchases in concert; and, they are responsible for recruiting and training several generations of sister fans.

Also known as Bon Jovi’s secret weapon: without them the band would have hung it up long ago.

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Fearless Bon Jovi end-of-tour predictions

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What a difference a year makes right?

Last year at this time Richie Sambora had delivered a gutsy new solo CD Aftermath Of The Lowdown, Bon Jovi though on hiatus, was still re-grouping for one-off gigs in Canada and other places; and then fans went berserk when the band announced they had a new record and a new tour lined up for the beginning of 2013.

Now seven months after Sambora flew the coop for ‘this leg of the tour’, Bon Jovi’s mega-million tour juggernaut rolls into the land of the Mohegan Sun this weekend and begins the slow slog to Endus Of Tourus 2013.

fear2By the time the Because We Can tour limps into the final show in Brisbane, Australia on December 17, the only certainty about Bon Jovi the band is that this will be yet another huge money-making tour for Jon and his band of gypsies in pursuit of that pot of gold.

As recently as July this Bon Jovi tour had grossed $142 million with the band once again rocking more than a million faces. 

By tour’s end the gross will likely be just shy of $300 million.  With touring generating more revenue than Bon Jovi’s record sales, it’s not hard to figure out why the band spends so much time out on the road.

Which brings us to the ‘what about now?’ 800-lb gorilla in the room once this tour ends.

To put it mildly: put a fork in em’, they’re done.

Fans have been spoiled by three new records and three world tours over the past four years only this one ends on a distinctly sour note despite all the kingly spoils due to the uncertainty of the band’s future with or without Richie Sambora.

Which brings us to my fearless predictions about what fans can expect once the house lights go down  and Jon, David, Tico, Hugh, Bobby and Phil X start to croon ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’.


Bon Jovi the band:  regardless of whether or not Jon Bon Jovi and songwriting partner and musical foil Richie Sambora kiss and make up sooner rather than later, you won’t see the original line-up of this band out on the road again before 2015. 

At any age the road takes a toll on the most disciplined of performers, and these guys have been at it way too long to be doing it happily on a short-turnaround like this past one.

In all likelihood, you won’t see a new studio record from Bon Jovi before 2015 either, though Lord knows the band has enough recorded material for special CD and DVD releases to last them through the next three Christmas shopping cycles.

Jon Bon Jovi: look for the CEO to return home and immerse himself in family life for about six weeks. 

Several of those will dutifully be in St Barts or some other exotic place where he can unwind and reconnect with the human race; but after that look for Dorothea to kick his OCD behind back out on the road in any capacity that gives her peace and control at home.

Look for lots of appearances at charity fundraisers, high profile work continuing with the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and the Soul Kitchen; and don’t be surprised if Jon Bon doesn’t parlay some of the millions he has earned into an ownership position in a struggling NFL franchise.

fear4As for music, Jon Bon Jovi will undoubtedly end up in the studio on his own and tour behind a solo effort in much the same way as Bruce Springsteen did with ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’ or ‘Devils And Dust’. 

In other words, solo and stripped down.

Another possibility is any of the judging seats on X-Factor, The Voice, or American Idol…if Sambora doesn’t beat him to it first.

Richie Sambora:  let’s face it, you don’t bail on a $300 million tour proposition and get welcomed back with open arms easily, which is why I don’t see things between the Tall Slim Duke and His Royal Highness getting fixed without some serious time apart.

For his part, Mr. Bluesman has been putting ample time in with fashion design partner Nikki Lund traveling the world in support of their NikkiRich clothing line, but when Sambora tires of the locks and the frocks he’s going to want to take some serious down time of his own. 

fear6Look for him to come out with another solo record before there will be a new Bon Jovi CD of new material in any incarnation and don’t be surprised to see him permanently hook up as leader of a house band like he did with Craig Ferguson in late 2012.

Tico Torres:  if anybody in Bon Jovi has a right to be more tired than their leontine ringleader, it’s Torres, who’s arms and legs drive this bands beat on every song at every show in every city and town. 

fear7The life of rock drummer on the road with a band is second only to that of the bearded lady at the circus, and Torres, who loves to lose himself in endless rounds of golf, isn’t going to re-up for another worldwide jaunt any time soon either.

He’s also a fashionista in his own right with his Rockstar Baby clothing line; and lest anyone forget Tico is one helluva artist to boot.

rockstar-baby-la-collezione-da-bambini-creata-da-tico-torres_61558_bigDavid Bryan:  if anyone’s loyalty and consistency in Bon Jovi has been surprising, it’s been Bryan’s ability to sublimate his enormous talent and ego for his work on broadway shows like Memphis to a behemoth band that needs to tour endlessly to generate millions of dollars.

Undoubtedly this ivory-tickler is just dying to get off the road and into a quiet room somewhere where he can score more music of his own for shows written or not yet begun.  After his Tony for Memphis during the last tour I was shocked that he went out on this one.

fear8Hugh McDonald:  I include the longtime unnamed honorary member of Bon Jovi here because the fact is he has been around in some form or fashion since the very beginning.

As quiet and unassuming in his own life as he is playing a ghostly bass for Bon Jovi, McDonald is the quintessential session musician and a monumental talent in his own right.


Matthew Bongiovi:  if anyone is going to have a lot of time on his hands it’s Brother Matt. 

Oh sure he will have plenty to do making sure all the JBJ Backstage memberships get renewed every year (just in case Bon Jovi does reunite and go back out on the road again). 


Perhaps Matt of All Trades will be able to scare up a Runaway Tour Package in conjunction with the Bongiovi Brand pasta sauces, where for $1500 fans can come watch him crush grapes for the wine with his tootsies and then sit down and enjoy a spaghetti dinner with he and brother Tony.


Anyway you slice it, fans have been blessed with All Jovi All The Time for a lot of years.  None of this is mean-spirited; just reality.  If you have tickets to any of the remaining shows, breathe them in deeply because Bon Jovi after this tour comes to a close will be rarified air indeed.


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