Bon Jovi helped me beat depression, part 1of 2

Severe depression is like screaming under water.

Often coupled with relentless anxiety and sensitivity to light and sound, statistics show that many people never ‘beat’ depression.  Data also shows—from the pharmaceutical companies themselves—that 7 out of 10 people prescribed medication for depression in the form of anti-depressants or mood stabilizers do not get relief.

I should know.

That’s why this one goes out to the “ones who mine for miracles; this one goes out to the ones in need”.

bonjovi1You see, once upon a time, horrific depression had me up against the ropes; literally holding on by my fingernails.  But with good counseling, an adventurous medicine regimen until my doctor and I found the right combination that worked; and with a LOT of Bon Jovi tunes, I was able to overcome massive depression and keep it at bay.

Let me be perfectly clear about something here.  Depression is a deadly-serious topic.  This article does not profess to have all the answers; to be infallible or fool-proof, or, to make light of an affliction that can  ruin lives and in many cases, take them.   But for any fans out there of JoviNation in any part of the world who might be up against the same demons—or, are ‘behind enemy lines’ in your head like I was and can still be—it’s important to hear what worked for someone else.

But before we get to the Bon Jovi factor, let me lay it out for you.  I spent 6 months lying in bed after losing a job I adored, wishing I would die.  My wife would head out to work, and I would crawl back into bed and not wake up again until just before she came home from work.

I literally walked around with a washcloth or a large, crumpled hand towel when I did go out because I was prone to breaking down and crying any time, any where.  Because I had lost my job and my medical benefits, I had to make the rounds of community health centers and other facilities that shall remain nameless simply just to get treatment.

Let’s just say these facilities made Jack Nicholson’s ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ look like the Ritz Carlton.

Speaking of cuckoo, I got so bad that I couldn’t walk near my car in the garage at times because I constantly thought  about putting myself to sleep with it; and, a belt for my pants hanging in my closet began to haunt me as well. So much ‘noise’ in my head, the ruminating on negative thoughts, the constant fear and loathing of myself and the circumstances I put my family in, all took their toll.

Fortunately for me, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Thus, I told anyone and everyone who would listen I was depressed; and, with the right professionals told them my deepest darkest thoughts about self-eradication. That honesty and openness may have tested my wife and family—who tried bravely to fix and save me—but it saved me in every other way, because by talking about it, I was crying out for help, which meant in an odd way that I really didn’t want to take myself out of life.

That said, through the wonders of modern pharmacology, a good doctor and an endlessly patient and loving wife, I was able to pull out of the deep, dark abyss of my mind.  Two things acted as wake-up calls for me.  The first was when a friend of mine who had recovered from depression told me so many times that I literally hated him that ‘Depression can’t hit a moving target’.

This meant getting my sorry ass out of bed every single day and doing something.

But the other notion that took hold is how very much my mind became like an old phonograph needle bumping and scratching against the same imperfection on an LP record; endlessly playing one part of the song over and over and over in my head until I was ready to jump out of my skin.

For me to get well, that thought process had to be literally re-grooved.  This is where the music of Bon Jovi entered my life and helped me re-program, re-think, and re-charge my soul, saving my life in the process.

That’s right, Bon Jovi—the Man and the Band—saved my life.

For the unfamiliar or the uninitiated to the wonders of all things Jovi, pick up virtually any Bon Jovi CD and you will hear songs of toughness in the face of obstacles, driving beats that kick up faith in the most unlikely places, and a tireless willingness to drink deeply of life; to embrace it; to conquer it; to turn it to our advantage; and most of all, to Live It.

All this from a little band of pretty boys who happened to survive the 80’s glitter rock bonanza because of good hooks and incredible looks.


End part 1 of 2

7 Responses to “Bon Jovi helped me beat depression, part 1of 2”

  1. kudos a must read

  2. Silvie Verbruggen Says:

    I’m so glad you wear your heart on your sleeve, Glenn. It’s so hard to open up and ask for help to most people…

  3. Interesting…looking forward to part two.

  4. Wonderful post. You will help so many.

    • hi there Liz thank you for reading! I kno not keeping all the pain to myself helped me get the help i needed which is why I share the story so freely here. That and a debt of gratitude to Bon Jovi

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