Sambora September: Ode to Richie Sambora

…so once upon a time when I wrote for, I posted this and they had the audacity to unpublish it because ‘poetry isn’t what Examiner is about’.

Well guess what? NOT writing for Bon Jovi fans what YOU want to read isn’t what I’m about so as promised, enjoy this Richie Sambora piece again or for the very first time and be sure to share it…because it’s what Bon Jovi fans ARE about!.


The following is an adaptation of an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem:

How do we love thee, Richie Sambora? Let us count the ways.

We love thee to the blues-driven riff and the power cord bite.

Our souls quiver and yearn, beguiled by your might.

To the core of our being, those soulful brown eyes we embrace.

We love thee near and far, young and old

So much that when seated in the Circle we are driven mad; inexplicably bold.


Most loyal and desperate need by light of day and solo spotlight

We love thee freely as critics strive for enlightened sound and sight

We love thee purely, your non-chalance, the Aw-shucks smile does delight

We love thee with a passion that we hope and dream to use

You soothe old griefs and heartbreak with root beer brown eyes

Undiscovered soul, oh purveyor of soft sensuous Blues

We love thee with a love we seemed to lose to Life’s constraints

We love thee with all laughter, tears, alone, or as Bon Jovi’s stylistic mate

We love thee for the playfulness, vulnerability, and cool

We love thee for the stoic walk

You inspire us to Overcome

You teach us how to make it throughodsambo2

We love thee for your vulnerability, your cool

Your sense of style

The Master’s way the stringed ax you do blaze

And if it be that God divines

Rock critics stupidity does distress


Then know you’ve thoroughly rocked millions of us

We love you

To know you is to love you

For all of Us, you truly bless.

2 Responses to “Sambora September: Ode to Richie Sambora”

  1. always love to read this one!

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