G-Spot Rock the key to Bon Jovi’s success

Rock music is a universal language.

It’s an entertainment medium simmering with rebellion and romance, head-banging insanity, broken promises and realized dreams.

In addition to the often obvious sexual attraction to individual band members, fans worship bands because their songs become the soundtrack to a significant memory in the timeline of life.

We adore the group in whole or in part, and often outgrow or abandon them when tastes or trends change.

How then to explain Bon Jovi’s incredible three decades run? Photo courtesy David Bergman

Elvis Presley had the hips and Mick Jagger the lips, but when it comes to pleasing the ladies longer, harder, faster and stronger, Bon Jovi still rules because of a unique phenomenon exclusive to the band: G-Spot Rock.

Right about now, Dear Reader you are sitting there puzzling: “There’s rock, classic rock, pop, easy listening, rap, country, alternative, grunge…but G-Spot Rock?!

It’s Bon Jovi’s very own lightening in a bottle, and it is nothing short of the union of male rockers and female fans; the perfect coming together of performance and passion in a cosmic sexual bonding that results in a ceaseless courtship betwixt fan and band built on the foundation of the band’s music and its members far beyond the draw of its upbeat and well-crafted songs.

Of course, good looks don’t hurt, and Bon Jovi has these in ample supply.

Photo courtesy David Bergman

Now for the technical explanation: the G-Spot (known scientifically and studied since the 1940’s as The Grafenberg Spot) is defined as a specific area within a woman’s nether region in which arousal is more intense and satisfaction more deeply gratifying than casual run-of-the-mill lust.

Ah, but what does this have to do with Jon Bon Jovi and his Band of Merry Men, you ask?

One need only look at two critical factors to understand the band’s continued relevance in a music industry that has gone pure product to the point where it seems record producers are pulling kids out of kindergarten so they can package them for longer periods of money-making time while production values are slicker and true raw talent in short supply.


Bon Jovi unfailingly delivers upbeat well-crafted rock songs that never denigrate women or treat them as sexual objects, and add four parts hunky band members and you’ve got a recipe for undying loyalty that is hard to beat…not to mention a timeless delicious intimacy that lead singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi values and protects with extreme prejudice.


“But”, you stammer, “you’re objectifying the band! They’re so much more than that! Their music is so great and they are SO hot”.


The other main ingredient in Bon Jovi G-Spot Rock is female fans.

This is not to say that men don’t appreciate the band, but look at any music video, go to any performance anywhere in the world, search Bon Jovi on Facebook and Twitter where fans loyally add band member names to their own to create one mega-Jovi family and it is undeniable that the core constituency of this group is female.

Clearly great work if you can find it, and Bon Jovi has!

Fans who caught this Jersey thrill-ride back in the 1980’s are still happily riding shotgun, and millions have introduced Richie, David, and Tico to their children, and their children’s children, enlarging the global family that is JoviNation and keeping them a perpetually excited and throbbing throng.


This in a music industry that more and more is delivering dumbed-down youth acts and calling them musical wunderkind or boy bands dancing like horny bears on Monster energy drinks, all stepping vaguely familiar and lip-synching to a pre-pubescent beat that desperately wants to be all grown up.

Bon Jovi would have disappeared long ago if they weren’t dedicated to a craft that proudly showcases song-writing, singing, musicianship, impeccable showmanship, and the incredible ability to simply make everybody feel good. The band is like a lover that knows how to make the approach, seduce, and titillate those secret places that create a blessed union of rock and roll souls.

Bon Jovi’s G-Spot Rock is highly addictive but good for you and lasts years and years, never failing—whether they are on hiatus or on the road—to deliver on the promise “…take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.


Glenn Osrin on Twitter @wizardofosrin

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