Because they won’t: with half a band why isn’t Bon Jovi cutting ticket prices?


There’s an old adage, “You get what you pay for”.

Yet try as Bon Jovi might to keep the tour ship afloat despite being riddled with holes due to the absence of guitarist Richie Sambora and drummer Tico Torres, since April when Sambora unexpectedly split, fans anywhere are NOT getting what they paid for.

Break out the umbrellas and bullet-proof vests because I think I hear the Kool Aid drinkers in the rafters ordering up a lynching. 

No one is saying that fans who have purchased tickets or rabid fans overseas eagerly participating in an orgy of all things Jovi shouldn’t enjoy themselves and have a great time.

But the fact remains, people are shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars to see a band that is not the band they were sold when the tour began.

“It’s STILL Bon Jovi so shut your mouth”.

Hate to break it to you, but it’s not. 

becausetheywontIt’s Jon Bon Jovi, and David Bryan, and Hugh McDonald, and Bobby Bandeira. 

That’s NOT Bon Jovi…everything else is wishful thinking because the logo and the t-shirts and the programs are the same but the music?


At this point, might as well be calling it Jon Bon Jovi and the Half-A-Sandwich Band; or Jon Bon Jovi and the King’s Court; or Jon Bon Jovi Sings The Hits. 

You get the idea. 

Call what is traipsing around the world basking in vain glory earned by the COMPLETE band is a group of musicians stoically trying to do their jobs, but it’s not Bon Jovi.

Which begs the question: if it’s not the as-promised band lineup, why is Bon Jovi charging top tier ticket prices for half-a-loaf?

Think about it.


In recent days many fans have contacted me seeking assistance because they are out shit-tons of money on tickets and no longer want to attend their shows later this year with the current band lineup. 

They have spoken to ‘representatives’ of SparkArt and JBJ Backstage asking for refunds, and they basically have been told ‘we handle each circumstance on a case by case basis; we’ll get back to ya”.

And oh by the way, Have A Nice Day.

Then nothing.  Nathan.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.  Boopkis.

I don’t know about you but I’d be porked off if I had tickets I couldn’t unload.  Would you buy a car with everything but the engine?  How about a diamond ring that turns out to be an aluminum foil band with a plastic gemstone?

I didn’t think so.

Sorry Jon Bon and Matt Of All Trades:  you may be recording records and going out on tour but the fact is, without the fans you’d never have made it past the end of the 80’s.  You are where you are today not in spite of us but because of us, and we deserve better.

…and don’t give us the bullshit answer that the band and the promoter has to recoup costs. The fact of the matter is tours this large are insured against unexpected calamities like severe storms or a marquee act like Michael Jackson croaking before his time.

If this version of Bon Jovi is going to continue to limp around the world charging top dollar for a band with one hand tied behind it’s back the least they can do is reduce ticket prices accordingly. 

It’s bad enough to throw bad money after good and have your hopes dashed by not being able to see the complete band; but it’s quite another to have our pockets picked in the process.


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27 Responses to “Because they won’t: with half a band why isn’t Bon Jovi cutting ticket prices?”

  1. True fans are true fans plain and simple. As far as Tico he had health issues. And Richie who know there’s no secret he’s had issues but the fact of the matter is he knew there was a tour and fans paying big money to see him but issues couldn’t be set aside to please his fans, so to me he didn’t care about the tour or us…..atleast Jon and everyone else
    are trying to keep the tour going. So real fans shouldn’t complain!!!!!!

    • All due respect, Theresa, claiming that “real fans” can’t complain is not really fair. I’ve been a fan since “Runaway and seen every tour since 1987, often times multiple shows per tour. If anyone has a right to complain, it’s people like me. The tickets are insanely expensive, the setlists are stale, and without Richie, half of the on-stage chemistry is gone. I have shelled out thousands of dollars on this band over the years and when I had dropped several hundred more dollars to see them in April, only to have Richie drop out, I wasn’t happy. I still went, and in spite of how hard Jon was working to make up for Richie’s absence, the show wasn’t nearly as good as it once was. They have since been to my city and are coming again in a couple weeks, and I’m not going. There are those for whom Richie’s absence (and now Tico’s) doesn’t matter–like you, apparently–and that’s fine. But that doesn’t make the rest of us unentitled to our own frustrations. Does it make me sad? Yes it does. Because I’m a fan. Just sayin….

    • I beg to differ….As a true fan their is a difference between a Bon Jovi concert and a JBJ concert which is what this is more less turning into.
      If I’m going to purchase a ticket for a BJ concert then that is what I’m expecting too see. Bon Jovi….Jon, Richie, Tico, and David.
      Not just Jon & David….that’s a joke. If Jon had any common sense the best thing to do is postpone the show until a later date or change it to Jon Bon Jovi Because I Can tour.
      Since the announcement of Richie’s departure ticket sales have been WAY down.
      If true fans are true fans as you claim then ticket sales should be great!! Instead BJM is listing tickets for both LA shows on Groupon at 50% off ticket prices. Not to mention some of the best seats are still available at Ticketmaster, For example……The Honda Center as of right now….. you can still purchase pit 1 & pit 2 front row seats ( The Circle) at a whooping $650.00 bucks to see JON on stage. He’s not worth it!!!
      So the REAL TRUE FANS aren’t complaining…they’re just not purchasing tickets. Such as myself and many others!!!
      END OF STORY!!!!!!!!

    • AMEN TERESA!!!!

    • No, REAL fans would love all the band and not traitourously side with Jon and pretend this is acceptable or still Bon Jovi. You’re a Jon Bon Jovi fan for sure. You’re not a Bon Jovi fan.

    • If I hear “you’re not a real fan if…” one more time, I think I’ll puke. An integral member(s) of the group is gone. It doesn’t matter why. Fans are “people”, Theresa. People have preferences and expectations. One of those being that when they pay for one of the most expensive tickets out there… that they expect to see the whole band. For some us us REAL fans of the WHOLE band, it’s like going to a movie, and the whole time the co-star’s face is blurred out and their dialogue is overdubbed in Greek. I’ve never seen more rude fans than those who claim to be “true fans”… as if you hold a major portion of stock. It’s sad.

    • If I see one more “you’re not a ‘real’ fan…” soapbox comment, I’ll puke. Actually, there are a lot of “real fans” who simply wanted what they paid TOP dollar in that industry to see: the whole band. Why is that such a hot button with some of you self-proclaimed “true-fans”? For some of us, more reasonable fans, it’s like if you travelled to New York or LA, bought tickets to see your favorite stars in the hottest production going, but half of the cast wasn’t there, so they just skipped their lines. It just wouldn’t be the same show. Why is it so difficult for the rabid sector to grasp this concept? Perhaps Theresa is a major stockholder? That would explain it 😉

    • I have seen them YES THEM NOT HIM over 600 times.the only ISSUE RS has was Jon treating him like a piece of shit. for mmany years…why is Huge on Richie’s side, why can’t RS sing 1 of his kick ass solo songs…I can go on with some juicy inside info but i won’t…Jon only cares abt. money..not the crew n certainly not the fans..#FACT the name of the band is BON JOVI NOT JON BON JOVI….he is DONE

  2. i see your point and agree , but whats ultimately the fans need to decide, and will . if they dont feel like they are getting there moneys worth they wont buy the tickets or albums.

  3. I don’t agree I am a Bon Jovi fan and I back the band up I think Jon is doing everything he can for his fan he can not help that Tico got sick and Richie left and he is spending time away from his family to rock his fans I will pay to see him he throws the best shows and I am very thankful for what he does Jon you and your family and the band is always in my heart and prayers

  4. Kris Katsanis Says:

    Spot on! Thing is ‘only time will tell’ has long gone… money and lots of it has been spent!

    • thanks for reading and expressing your opinion. fans that spent money and are now disappointed that they couldn’t get refunds for shows as advertised are no less fans than those who keep their mouths shut.

  5. Rene shureb Says:

    The thing is fans bought their tickets way in advance before they knew richie or Tico wouldn’t be there it’s just not fair to spend well up to 1300 or more if traveling even more to not be able to get a refund if u desire..these men r worth millions give me a break there fans work there butts off to make a show they r dedicated fans some for over 30yrs Matt Jon richie and all the people involved need to see that..I respect them as individuals but to not give fans refunds just is not kind

  6. I completely agree with your blog..I have been a fan for 30 yrs, been to every Vancouver show, even went to Vegas to see them but Jon without Richie was a bit too much to swallow, then cheaper tickets came about I looked at it again, and then Tico got sick and well I passed. Jon has changed in his interviews and everything it’s all business. And this stuff with Richie come clean let the fans know what’s going on…alot of people say we don’t have a right to know, but I feel we do– if it weren’t for us all these years there would be no Bon Jovi. Thanks for the blog, it’s all stuff I’ve been thinking 🙂

  7. mooseman5150 Says:

    Bon Jovi are coming to Australia in December and I won’t be going as Richie won’t be there.

    I have seen Jovi on every tour they have done of Australia since 1987 and even Jon’s solo tour back in 1997.

    If he wants to continue the tour it should be billed as a solo Jon Bon Jovi show, it is not the “band” anymore.

    The local promoter is still using Richie in their TV Ads to promote the upcoming shows.

    • So sorry to hear you won’t be going. there is no Right Fan or Wrong Fan; we are all fans and just as it is difficult for the remainder of Bon Jovi to soldier on on tour, it’s hard for us to get excited when so much of the band dynamic was the uniqueness of the individual players as a whole.

    • AMEN..1st time in 30 yrs. i didn’t go either….jon is all abt money not the fans.. love to see him try n write an album w/o Richie hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa never happen..all 3 of Richie’s solo albums kick ass.JON’S SUCK n the set list is the same old shit even thou yrs. ago he PROMISED to do old songs.Jon does what jon wants, he doesn’t care what we want to hear..He hated doing ONLY LONELY HATED IT…I LOVED IT

  8. controversial topic! but spot on!

  9. Sambora chose to leave an ongoing tour, and refunds have been available in many gigs. Now it’s been 6 months and he’s not back, not any explanation, either. Guess the fan-base should start facing the fact that he may not rejoin the band.
    As for Tico Torres, he’s having health issues, which is a completely different subject. And a temporary matter, which can happen to anyone, any artist, any given moment.
    All in all, I for one see no reason to decrease ticket prices. They don’t charge extra for Bobby and Hugh, or any other additional musicians, do they? So why change prices now? Tico will be back a.s.a.p., anyway.

  10. I am pleased they have kept the tour going. I have tickets for Australia which is not the country I live in. If the tour was cancelled I wouldn’t get a refund on my flights or accommodation which were expensive , so while its not the band line up I originally purchased tickets to see, knowing that before I turn up I now have different expectations of what I will see & hear. I think Jon has done a great job of holding everything together and while I would love to see Richie play & sing, as his voice adds another dimension to many songs I will still enjoy the concerts. Knowing in advance that Phil X will now be playing means I get to see someone I may not have had the chance to see otherwise so there’s always an upside.

  11. why should prices be reduced???? They now probably even have higher costs as they have to pay Richie and Tico plus have to pay for the replacements as well.

  12. Stephanie Says:

    People are missing the point of the article. If Jon and co. want to tour, that’s their business. And if fans want to go see them, GREAT! But don’t charge Bon Jovi prices (which are way too high anyway) when you aren’t giving the fans Bon Jovi. Lower the prices and give some partial refunds. It’s a show of respect for the fans and will maybe bring back some fans who refused to go in the first place.

  13. The ‘end of Story’- Comments that ‘true Bon Jovi-Fans’ should not complain is disrespectful. It’s a kind of unfair that Jon says he works for the working man but don’t let people get the tickets refunded because they only get half of the cake. Because these working women and men spend their hard earned money for a band as a whole one from which they thought to be understood by Bon Jovi. Now – it seems all about money and the spirit left- livin on a prayer, hey god is just blowing in the wind! For me it seems be not true anymore. That’s sad! It’s not Bon Jovi anymore, it’s Jon and Dave and friends.

  14. Debbie Doherty Says:

    Being a longtime fan of the band (since 1986), I’ve seen the band weather various health crises in the past, and none of their “true fans” jumped ship and left the fandom just because one or more of the members got sick. They’re all human, not superhuman, and sometimes they get sick . . . Jon had issues with nodules on his vocal chords years ago, and that alone could have potentially spelled the end of the band at the time. But he sought medical help, began working with a vocal coach, and got himself healthy as quickly as he could so that he could go back to pleasing the band’s loyal, die-hard fans. While I agree that the band’s current ticket prices are outrageously high, I also realize that they have to give a percentage of their profits to their tour manager, and they have a very large road crew that needs to be paid as well. When they have their “fans” turning away from them just because they feel that “it’s not Bon Jovi anymore, it’s Jon and Dave and friends,” the people that hurts the most are the people on the band’s road crew, people who work so hard behind the scenes to put on the show that the FANS come to see. Granted, I too would like it if their ticket prices were more like what they used to be back in the 80s . . . $20-30 sounds a helluva lot better than $650, right? But just because the ticket prices for “big name” concerts have skyrocketed over the past 15-20 years doesn’t mean I’m going to cease being a fan of Bon Jovi, or I’m going to stop buying their CDs, listening to their music, or supporting them as a group and as individuals. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, and entitled to make their own choices, and I’m just telling y’all what my personal opinion is about the situation.

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