Drummer Tico Torres returns the thunder to Bon Jovi


Bon Jovi’s current Because We Can world tour has been a tale of two bands.

The first incarnation was as millions across the globe expected; that amiable and supremely talented core of New Jersey music men, that band of brothers who eclipsed the Three Musketeers in modern times by epitomizing ‘all for one and one for all’ bringing the heat—musical and otherwise—to your city or town.

Then seemingly in an unscripted angry moment not long after the tour began, guitarist and band consigliore Richie Sambora bolts like a runaway bride for a multitude of reasons depending on who you listen to; and Bon Jovi-Lite soldiers on with the ably talented Phil X bending the strings.

Through it all, drummer Tico Torres did what he always does. 

Wielding Popeye-size arms that flawlessly drive every beat Bon Jovi ever put down on a notepad, the Cuban-born skin-master faithfully kept the heartbeat of Bon Jovi strong and vibrant, even though one arm of the band was clearly missing a hand.tico2

Call them ‘the little band that could’’ or ‘then there were three’ but Bon Jovi without Sambora continued to rock through the tears delivering high-powered performances and leaving them breathless at venues from one end of the globe to the other.

But we all know the saw, ‘If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all’, which is why Torres needing an emergency appendectomy in Mexico September 20 might have been a shock and surprise at the same time, except for the fact that this tour has been anything but ordinary.

At least it was a verifiable health condition and adoring fans would see Tico again seated behind beloved band namesake Jon Bon Jovi, enjoying a view that women never tire of…not the endless mire of rumor and innuendo about Little Richie Sambo Ho’s uncertain status.


While at once screaming in concert “Is there a doctah in da house?” before their hit Bad Medicine, Bon Jovi soon found themselves hiring a witch doctor and employing Kings Of Suburbia drummer Rich Scanella to sit in for Torres after yet another emergency surgery mere weeks later, this time to have his gallbladder removed.

That’s the bad news. 

The good news is the Bon Jovi tour rolls on, and as reported by Rolling Stone magazine, he who brings the thunder for Jon Bon and the boys was back in the saddle pounding the skins at the band’s show in Fresno, California earlier this week.

Here’s to hoping his recovery is contagious and that Tico Torres’ own strength and recuperative powers are contagious to whatever ails the Jon Bon Jovi-Richie Sambora dynamic.

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