And then there were three: Bon Jovi Facebook page omits Richie Sambora

goodtimeIn case Bon Jovi fans were holding out hope that Tall Slim Duke guitar-wielder extraordinaire  Richie Sambora was going to somehow be resurrected for any portion of the band’s remaining tour dates, they can now and forever be doused.

At least until the next record, like three to five years after their current ‘Because We Can’ tour ends.

In case you missed it, more than a few thousand followers out of the 23 million Bon Jovi fans tied in to the band’s Facebook page noticed in recent days that the page header has changed and there is a glaring omission.

Amid hands thrown into a loving circle like the album cover for Keep The Faith, Jon, David and Tico are shown in a football huddle circle, with mystery hands  (likely Hugh and Bobby and Phil X) reaching in as they continue to ‘go looking for that pot of gold’ as the current tour lurches into the home stretch.

Leaving many to ask: Wither The Sambora?


And so, the divided fan base that Jon Bon Jovi reportedly detests when it comes to the Mystery Disappearance of His Musical Bruth of Another Mutha is at each others’ throats again over the omission.

On one side are the Sambora loyalists, who have expressed shock and dismay and view it as the height of disrespect to both Sambora and his fans to have removed an image including Mr. Bluesman as part of the band’s original core.

Amid the compliments that the new banner photo is beautiful came quite a few “At least they could have waited until the tour was over” irate reactions.

One in particular spoke specifically to the lack of truthful verifiable news from either side about what is truly going on. 

Teri P said, “WTF?!  This is so wrong.  Either say something official or stop the games.  Bon Jovi needs to stop playing around with this. Pictures aren’t a statement. Words are.”

Yet on the other hand, there is a serious and proper explanation for the update.  It was neither PhotoShop, Deletion, or erasure with an Air-Brush. 

The fact remains that since the April Canadian tour dates, Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi have separated from one another personally and professionally, resulting in the majority of the tour photos on of being the current lineup, so why would the Admins of the Bon Jovi page make it like everything was sweetness and light in JoviLand?

For his part, Sambora and platonic fashion design partner Nikki Lund have been busy promoting their Nikki Rich clothing line in Japan and New York, all the while keeping mum about what isn’t going on with Bon Jovi.

Richie+Sambora+Nikki+Lund+Richie+Sambora+Nikki+TNq6exLNXhQlThe truth hurts, but the fact remains that this cavernous rift between front man and loyal sidekick isn’t going to end any time soon, if at all.

At least the Bon Jovi organization did something right and didn’t make the Facebook banner page one that showed the entire band in its current incarnation.

That would be a tough guitar pic to swallow indeed.

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3 Responses to “And then there were three: Bon Jovi Facebook page omits Richie Sambora”

  1. just don’t understand why there has been no statement of any kind!

    • We have been behind this band and all the guys for more then 20 years they are like family to all of us the fans. They should have enough respect for us who have bought their tickets and followed them all over to give some kind of real answer.

  2. Mary-Anne Doyle Says:

    If Jon Bon Jovi truly despises a divided fan base, he could make an official statement or even a request that the fans stop fighting amongst themselves.

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