Hate to break it to ya: Bon Jovi is a BUSINESS

If you’re already suffering withdrawal because the current Bon Jovi tour is huffing and puffing into the home stretch and you want to vent your anger at someone, then read on because I’m about to give you an outlet.

No, it’s not that I’m lonely and enjoy being a pop-up-clown for fans I make angry. 

It’s about some of the incredible naiveté of some fans who think the entire Bon Jovi organization is in business (for you); puts out records and tours (for you); and is so great about keeping the fan club and the VIP tours going (just for you).


As my dear departed Dad liked to say when people weren’t processing the truth:  “What a crock of HORSEshit!”

In case you think I’m being mean and ill-spirited, I urge you to go back to the band’s 2009 video release of When We Were Beautiful. 

In a scene where Jon Bon is on the phone in his hotel, he is telling a business person on the other end of the phone that he isn’t just the face of the band, he is the Eternal Keeper of the Brand…and we ain’t talkin’ pasta sauce here.

It’s one thing to love the band for their music and their longevity and their looks and their efforts on behalf of social causes.  That’s what people should love bands for!


But when you sit back for a minute and look at what the take on the current tour will be—close to $300 million—it’s easy to forget that Bon Jovi…everything about Bon Jovi, is about money.

Doubt me? 

Think I’m hating on Bon Jovi because I can’t afford a $1,500 Runaway Tour package where I get to jump up and down on a bunk bed with Matt of All Trades Bongiovi? 

Not in the least.  I wouldn’t go if they sent a jet for me and offered me an audience with His Royal Highness Jon.


First off, you can’t even buy the special tour packages unless you join the JBJ Backstage Fan Club.

There’s a Membership Package for all but the homeless, ranging from $54.99 to $159.99.  For all that ching you get some Bon Jovi ‘bling’ and the all important access to ticket pre-sales and tour excursions.

Now some hypothetical math:  Bon Jovi has 23 million followers on Facebook

Safely assuming that only 1% (or 230,000 people) signed up for the minimum $54.99, you have an income stream from online sign-up that generates $12.6 million in pure profit. 


This on a web site that the cost to create and maintain has long since been recouped.

Now let’s talk Runaway Tours VIP Packages:  for the current Toronto show November 1, Backstage members can plunge their brains out from October 31-November 3 for $1,299 per person which includes your hotel, photo op with JBJ, and 2 prime concert seats…along with many other chachkas.

Now assume that just 50 people per show buy into the package. 

That’s a take of $64,950 for ONE show.  Next assume that the band does between 30-50 of these per tour and your take is $1,948,500 to $3,247,500 per tour. 


Oh sure, Head of Personal Security and Runaway Tours Host and Pimp Extraordinaire Matt Bongiovi will toss his heart and dagger pacifier on the floor and scream, “We have COSTS!” 

Why yes, of course you do. 

So like the restaurant business (which hotels are modeled on), assume it costs Bon Jovi 40% of what their take is, and you still get a healthy $1.3 million in pure profit.

I’ve purposely skewed these numbers to the LOW end, and we haven’t even addressed merchandise or record sales, or special fees for performances like $250,000 for a cancelled one-off show to promote a certain New York political figure’s election effort or appearances on television shows.

Don’t get me wrong. 

I’m not hating on Bon Jovi. 

My reasons for loving them have been well documented in over 300 articles writing about them for Examiner.com since 2009. 

What I DO take issue with are fans that put these guys on pedestals under the mistaken notion that everything the band does and says is for them.

Correction:   everything the band does for YOU is for THEM, which might explain why Bon Jovi stays out on the road more than any other band in music. 

There are a ton of lifestyles to support—not the least of which are the band members—and to do that the income stream…the money that comes out of your pocket needs to be ceaseless.

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4 Responses to “Hate to break it to ya: Bon Jovi is a BUSINESS”

  1. carla fernandes Says:

    What’s the news anyway?? Some don’t know, ya, sure! It’s obviuous that Bon Jovi is a BUSINESS!!

  2. Absolutely! I think all “big bands” do the same. It’s not just BON JOVI, c’mon wake up! haha

  3. If gossip is right Jon wants to be a football owner and needs lots of money for that. I still want to see Richie back its just not the same.

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